Street style has become such a massive part of fashion in the past 10 years that many designers look to the streets for inspiration of what is going to be the trends of coming seasons.

Countless street style photographers such as Tommy Ton of ‘Jak& jil’ and Scott Scheuman of ‘The Sartorialist’ have already made their mark on the fashion industry with their candid shots and great instinct for a ‘look’ that works.

Tommy Ton has collaborated with Top man and Todd’s on clothing and Scott Shceueman was labelled as one of the 100 most influential people in fashion and released a book of all his favourite looks from his back catalogue of street style shots.

This sort of interest in street style is not new, in the 80’s the punk revolution saw people take a vested interest in what the ‘normal people’ were wearing opposed to just looking to the catwalk. It makes the clothes more accessible and inspires every day people on how to dress using clothes that are more attainable than the high end designer wear.

Videos are also a great way to portray how the outfits are put together and how they work in real life. The ability to see someone physically move with the outfit, hear their thoughts and inspirations behind what they chose to wear and why is a rarity and the interactive aspect is something that many bloggers and readers enjoy and will continue to find interesting.


FashionTV have chosen Newcastle as its city of choice to launch its new vodka.

The prestigious Vodka names sake ‘Michael Adams’ founder of fashion TV will be launched at TupTup palace, one of Newcastle’s most exclusive and affluent venues on Sunday the 15th of May.

The vodka aims to retail itself at the ‘elitist’ and ‘beautiful people’ which is why they chose TupTup palace as their venue of choice.

Beauty may be subjective but glamour is not, and there is no other place as glamorous as TupTup on the weekend with is barrage of footballers, celebrities and party goers alike.

To accompany the launch there will be three fashion shows, FashionTV presenters, along with goodie bags and an exclusive cocktail list on the night created with Fashion vodka.

This launch marks the beginning of a weeklong fashion event known as ‘Newcastle fashion week’ the week will provide fashion shows, parties and events for all of the top flight people in the business around the region as well as a chance for the general public with an interest in fashion to get involved.

As Newcastle prepares for its very first fashion week, FashionTV have sent out a troop of photographers to look for the most stylish people in Newcastle.

Many of the people featured have been students of the north east and featured on this very blog as stylish students around the city.

Keep your eyes peeled for the finalists being posted on face book and vote for your favourite looks.!/media/set/?set=a.174944509227900.52712.157890277599990

At Newcastle University Campus- outside the fashion building, colour was the flavour of the day in light of the Sun.

Pops of limes, purple and yellow brought about a definite air of spring.

It’s the little things that make an outfit work; A collar and jumper, shearling and suede, Mrac Jacobs and converse, Boots and socks.

Students are known for their eclectic, eccentric style. Due to their lack of funds, in order to attain the most coveted items they must turn to other sources as a way to express themselves .This blog is merely an insight into the life of the most stylish, inspired and generally cool students.